With years of experience in real estate, entrepreneurialism, travel hacking, and more, Maurice is the ultimate resource if you’re looking to level up your life and create more freedom.


Real Estate

Maurice entered real estate in 2003 at age 23, purchasing 10 properties. By 2014, he had gained freedom by creating more passive income than his corporate salary. In 2015, he purchased the first of many mobile home communities, apartment complexes and pieces of international real estate. As Founding Managing Partner of Quattro Capital, an alternative investment firm, Maurice has acquired and manages 2000+ units and $220M+ of assets across the United States and overseas.

Business Consultation

Maurice's experience includes 25 years as an Management Consulting Executive, 22 years as a senior operational military officer, founding a real estate investment firm, international real estate development, private investment in hospitality, and other areas. Whatever business, investment, or passion project you dream of bringing to fruition, he'll help you plan and make it a reality without breaking the bank or losing your freedom.

Worldwide Travel and Lifestyle Design

Maurice has traveled to over 100 countries over 300 times throughout his career, all without having to worry about PTO days or job security. If you want to expand your horizons and gain the time freedom you dream of, he will help you do it without sacrificing the things that matter most. Maurice executes on 1:1 Lifestyle Design coaching five freedoms:

  • Time Freedom
  • Financial Freedom
  • Geographic Freedom
  • Freedom to Execute on Your Purpose
  • Freedom to Build Meaningful Relationships                            

With 1:1 consultations, you have complete access to Maurice and his many areas of expertise — every single question you have about your business, your lifestyle, and your finances as well as a custom-tailored plan to Try Life On and live the way you deserve.