#26: Recapping Try Life On Principles

newsletter May 06, 2024

Try Life On Principles.

That’s the foundation, and I wanted to remind you of that.


The idea of "Try Life On" encompasses the notion “Status Quo” is default language we don’t have to follow.

It espouses that life itself is something that we must practice. It’s not a destination.

For example, I commute from the Middle East every other Monday morning on a 1:00am flight to the US to take my son to school. The 12-hour direct flight lands around 6:15am, I’m in my car or Uber by 7:00am, and with my son by 7:45am taking him to school at 8:45am.

Yes. I said I commute from 12 hours away to take my son to school.

While that scenario may seem extraordinary to people, it's my ordinary. I made it so. I’ve practiced that rhythm repeatedly. And I’m good at it.

That’s how I think. I’ve learned to make extraordinary things in my life, ordinary. I want to live, my way, unapologetically, and I do.

Zero interest in societal definitions of how I should live. And that mindset is cultivatable.


Many of you want to shift lifestyle but don’t realize you have to shift mindset first.

You cannot solve a problem with the same mindset that created it.

Solutions to our lifestyles lie beyond the boundaries of our current thinking. This idea, often attributed to Albert Einstein, serves as reminder that entrenched perspectives can blind us to possibility. Whether personal obstacles, navigating complex societal issues, or addressing systemic flaws, meaningful progress requires a willingness to break free from the constraints of familiar thought patterns. I'm going to type that again...

...meaningful progress requires willingness to break free from constraints of familiar thought patterns.

By embracing fresh perspectives, challenging assumptions, and cultivating a mindset of openness and adaptability, we pave way for transformative change.

We open ourselves to Trying Life On more.

My coaching students redesigning lifestyle deep dive into 20+ Try Life On principles. The principles get us thinking critically about how we approach and solve “blockers” to designed lives. They are a way to “re-wire” and “unlearn” decades of societal norms blinding us to better ways of living (specific to you).

Many of my newsletters are mindset queues to help you “shift”.

Here’s a listing of a few principles and where you can research them. I hope you do, because there is so much life to be had, and they're a simple mindset shift away.

Good luck and email me at [email protected] if I can help you. I am here for you, really.





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