About Maurice


I'm Maurice Philogene

Maurice Philogene is an investor, entrepreneur, coach and philanthropist who teaches like-minded professionals how to Try Life On more.

Case in point:

As a means to Try Life On himself, Maurice maintained 4 parallel careers for two decades (how? He calls it asking better questions!). He was a 25-year Senior Executive for global management consulting firm Accenture, a 22 year Special Agent (Lt. Colonel) as part of military service, running field offices for a Federal Law Enforcement agency worldwide, and a 15-year midnight police officer in the DC area as a means to give back to his local community.


Maurice discovered at an early age that the only way to carve out the life he desired was to give opportunities a shot, have worldwide, diverse experiences, and create wealth that could help his family and others. He quickly learned chasing corporate titles meant nothing to him; ‘LIFE’ and helping people did.

At age 15, he started traveling internationally. A 30-day road trip through France opened his eyes to the possibilities of world wide life, cultures and experiences. He found the power of mobility and geographic freedom.

At age 21 he found real estate. It was a means to create financial and time freedom to have more experiences, and the ability to be anywhere in the world at any time. Immersing in culture is his deep passion.

Today, his 25+ year real estate career in real estate has garnered him complete financial freedom, control of his time, and flexibility in his location. He’s been to 100 countries over 300 times, and owns well over 2100+ single family homes, apartments and mobile home communities across 10 states. He’s also developing property in the Mediterranean region (simply to immerse in local culture as a part of a different business experience).

Maurice has taught countless professionals and entrepreneurs how to gain the freedom they crave in each facet of their lives and start living a life they won’t need a vacation from. How? By just taking action. The fear of rocking the boat has forced too many people to get stuck in the planning stages of their lives, and miss all of the opportunities to actually live. Without that fear of the unknown or the insecurities of doing things differently, how much would your life change? Where would you live? Who would you be spending your time with? How will it feel to live a life purely built from your own values and ambitions? The only way to know is to try it on.