#3: Unlock Geographic Freedom

newsletter Mar 11, 2023

After building a lifestyle I don’t need a vacation from and helping 100+ others to do the same, I’ve noticed a clear trend…

When we focus energy across one or more of the ‘five freedom’ areas, we tend to be happier, more engaged and plugged into life, the planet, and opportunity as intended. They are:

  • Time Freedom
  • Financial Freedom
  • Geographic Freedom
  • Freedom to Execute Your Purpose
  • Freedom to Build Meaningful Relationships

I went more in-depth on this topic on The Mindful Fire Podcast. It’s my most evolved interview on lifestyle design and trying life on. Have a listen, and below I've time-stamped some key points to dig further into the ideas of geographic freedom.

Geographic Freedom (34:01–39:58)

The ability to be mobile; Being able to physically access the planet, life, and opportunity as intended.

Hang on. Yes, even with kids. Keep reading.

We tend to be happier with the ability to be mobile. Please don’t confuse it with simple travel.

When we have the ability to go down the street, to the next city, state, or better yet foreign country with different culture, we put ourselves in a state of constant learning – we experience new business and life. We’re kids again, on a cool field trip, when life was fun.

As adults, we tend to ground ourselves in one location, have one job, and have one set of people we interact with. We leave ‘growth’ and ‘intrigue’ off the table. That makes us stagnant.

A focus on Geographic Freedom is a re-focus on life.

I’ve been to 98 countries over 350 times. I can do it because I created a framework to allow it when I want.

  • My mail comes online
  • I don’t buy junk that’ll weigh me down
  • Learned to travel hack to reduce cost
  • I built virtual businesses, intentionally
  • When I was 9-5, chose virtual roles as a priority

I don’t want to see the whole world. What I want is constant learning that comes from being mobile, interacting with people worldwide. The associated business opportunity and friendships are epic.

We need some randomness, adventure, uncertainty, self-discovery versus just the structured life basic 9-5 has to offer.

Just like all the freedoms, there’s ‘blockers’ to overcome, kids included. I spoke about how to overcome that blocker and others (37:21 – 39:58)

Get back in constant learning mode. Create a framework where you can be mobile when you want to.

I know that’s a lot to digest. The audio will help you. Actually, the whole interview will. I hope this information helps you start designing your life, today. We can get into the rest next time.


It's time to Live Life Intentionally.

- Maurice