#27: It’s Never Too Late

newsletter May 20, 2024

It's never too late... Stop saying that about your journey.

There is no time limit on life.

You can be one thing or flip to another.

Follow a standard path or make your own.

As we evolve, so do aspirations of what we want.

It's ok to climb one mountain, come down, and climb another.

Problem is so many are frozen by opinions of peers, coworkers, neighbors and family of what we are supposed to be, and by when.

Think about the powerful corporate executive who just wants to run a small coffee shop, yet they are afraid to start over because of people’s opinions.

Too many of you exist in quiet desperation knowing very well you want to be something else in life, be somewhere else in life.

Rather than allowing the default nature of status quo to define you, pivot when and if you need to.
Surround yourself with those who think this way.

If you feel some relative anxiety at your status in life, look and see if you are ignoring one of the basic “6 HUMAN NEEDS." It’s usually one or more that push or pull us into change.

The 6 Human Needs penned by Sigmund Freud:

1. Love/Connection

2. Variety

3. Significance

4. Certainty

5. Growth

6. Contribution

Highly recommend you research and understand them as they drive much of what we do. 


In reflection (over my 27-year professional and personal journey since age 21), I realize now that much of my actions towards life have been driven by each in some way, especially Love/Connection, Variety, Significance, Growth and Contribution.

Nowadays I tend to be driven more by Certainty. I’m at a point in life where day to day certainty plays a major role for family and lifestyle reasons.

But I certainly was never worried about shifting to a new version of self when I felt the need over the years.

For example... 

Beginning age 41, a few years changed my life. I felt stagnant and I recognized I needed a shift. This is how it played out.

2015 – Had been doing single family real estate since 2002. Felt new life challenge needed.

2016 – Multifamily real estate seminar to learn basics of how.

2017 – Hire coach; Invest in friend’s project, see how it works.

2018 – My 2 first projects - Mobile Home Communities. Hard.

2019 – Next 5 projects - Apartment complexes. Really tough.

2020 – Partner w/ like-minded people. Form Quattro Capital.

2021 – Help hundreds on their investing journey; my mission.

2022 – Closed 29th apartment complex for $38M with partners.

Even though I was relatively successful in single family real estate in the years leading up to 2015, I wasn’t growing. I felt stuck. I wasn’t learning anymore.

Instinctively, when I saw and advertisement to learn how to buy apartment buildings, I jumped at it. I simply wanted to learn something new and challenge myself. Glad that I did.

The shift wasn’t a money decision. It was a life decision to change and evolve. It provided ‘Variety’ and ‘Growth’, and I really needed it.

It just so happens that money, itself, was a byproduct of the decision. 


My point is it’s okay to evolve. In most cases it’s necessary for fulfillment to evolve. But so many of us don’t. We sit stagnant when we can Try Life On at any time. 

Don't default to status quo. Do or learn that thing you've always wanted to. Attack work and personal life with reckless abandon. 

There is no time limit on life.

You can be one thing or flip to another.

Follow a standard path or make your own.

As we evolve so do aspirations of what we want.

It's ok to climb one mountain, come down, and climb another.

- Became an IT Executive at 21 

- Entered the Military at age 21

- Found financial self-education at 22

- Bought first investment property at 25

- Became a midnight police officer at 33

- Started buying apartment buildings at 41 

- After a 10-year break, acted on an HBO Series at 44

- Attacked dreams to develop Mediterranean land at 45 

- Made the choice shift lifestyle, moved to another country at 47

- Began producing TV, Media & podcast projects, in earnest, at 48

Did most of above for 15+ years or more, same time. Wasn't a toe dip. Wasn't trying to be everything, go everywhere.

In reflection, I was fulfilling my human needs by challenging my own status quo, constantly, regardless of where I was in the journey.

So… what I wanted to do this week is remind you…

It’s never too late. Stay engaged. Keep moving.

Try Life On.

You have just one.