#9: Eliminating My Mediterranean Blockers

newsletter Jul 01, 2023

We all have stuff stopping us from achieving our goals and wanted lifestyles.

So how do you solve what’s ‘blocking’ it from happening?

Here are the steps I use:

1. Develop a lifestyle blueprint based on goals relative to five freedoms:

  1. Time Freedom
  2. Financial Freedom
  3. Geographic Freedom
  4. Freedom to Execute Your Purpose
  5. Freedom to Build Meaningful Relationships

2. Identify your blockers.

Goals have blockers, tangible or intangible factors stopping you from making it happen. The key is identifying that which prevents us, getting them out of your head onto paper to see them objectively. They’re not impossible, just issues to work on. Be brutally honest with yourself when identifying blockers.

3. Creating action items to get over the blockers.

Once written, you must act on them. That’s the work, creating the actions to overcome them. Could be contacting a person, getting a piece of information, or formulating a strategy. This is where I love keeping people accountable. It’s not always easy because there are hard decisions and steps to be made. But again, that’s the work. And this is usually where people give in to the status quo and quit or get overwhelmed.

Let’s say you have geographic freedom-related goals to be able to work anywhere in the world. A severe blocker to this goal is a job that requires you to be at the office.

The actions items to get over the blockers might be:

  • Research virtual positions with the company
  • Schedule meetings with supervisor to discuss options
  • Construct and present role company can’t refuse
  • Initiate passive searches on LinkedIn for remote roles
  • Share with wife/husband desire to be more mobile; build a joint plan
  • Connect with like-minded people who already live how you want to live

This is a big issue with many stuck in the office daily, yet they don’t want to be there.

Creating a lifestyle blueprint is simple in the organization but can be difficult in execution. It’s the act of identifying the goals, blockers, and actions that start your journey. Then it’s discipline to execute and find support (note: like-minded tribe really helps).

A coaching student working on her blueprint has many blockers to overcome. We got into an emotional conversation on why her actions were slow relative to freedom goals and what it takes to NOT revert to the status quo as most do.

I shared challenges manifesting in my own journey of shifting life overseas while needing to be in the US for family semi-regularly. After 4 decades of US east coast living (NY, Boston, DC – love them all), I’m engaged in change. Internal environment and being at peace are important. Whether we realize it or not it’s affected by the external environment (where and how you live). In my case, a new environment is needed to keep growing.

Blockers have presented making it difficult. Creating a blueprint that identifies them and the actions needed to overcome each drives lifestyle conversations necessary to get “unstuck”.

Blueprints and associated blockers and action items are (re)designing lifestyle, a key to how I help people Try Life On.

My students have very detailed blueprints that we work on daily.

Download your Lifestyle Blueprint

I hope this helps you think through what you can do for your own journey.

If I can help, reach out.

Until next time,


Bonus Time. Before you go…

Last newsletter I explained, “Adults Don’t Explore Anymore”. Many press repeat daily, exist in the status quo, and don’t explore wanted passions, relationships, or locations. And we wonder why we feel stuck.

I shared my own exploration as an example. Everything from moving overseas to executive producing TV shows to more family later in life. All new and exciting, sometimes hard to execute and process.

Your feedback was overwhelming. Thank you. So many of you pivoting your lives right now. I am proud of you, sincerely, for taking a chance on the future of you and your family.

You inspired me to release this on the podcast. Hoping this clip informs your mindset as you go on your journey. Here's a sneak peek at the episode.